Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 7, 2011

Shovelling Dags

As the title states, here I am using a shovel to spread out a huge pile of dags (dried up sheep poos shorn off their bums);

Well, to be completely truthful, I’m merely leaning on the shovel in order to pose for the photo.

Once you’ve crutched the ewes, you have to spread out the dags so that the poos can dry.  Wet dags are unbelievably heavy and the dag-man refuses to take them.  Once dry though, he is happy to come and collect them – later putting them in a crushing machine to make separating the wool much simpler.

As we share the woolshed and yards with my uncle, we had put our pile into a corner while they did their crutching.  Now I’m about to spread them all about.  Nothing on a farm is ever wasted!


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