Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 10, 2011

Widening the Carriageway with the Digger

Lots of different activities always happen on the farm.  If I’m not trying to seriously injure myself by rolling the 4-wheeler down the hill, then all the cattle are being gathered up for TB testing.  If the nice cool misty morning, perfect for doing nodding thistles then turns into a pouring with rain afternoon, then there are always things to be fixed or welded up in the workshop.  Broken railings to be repaired in the sheep yards, or patches to be done to the deer fences.

Once when Dad had got the digger up to make some tracks over in Oven Hill, he thought he’d also get some drainage stuff done.  The track that goes down through Long Spur and over the culvert into Long Spur Flat needed to be widened.  So down the digger went, slowly making its clunking way.

Dad and I had already removed the deer netting from the posts and it was easy for the digger to pull the posts out.  He then went along building up the side of the track to widen it.

Dad was on the tractor and trailer to bring in extra fill;

And I was being the very important recorder of historical moments.  Once the track was sufficiently wide, the digger driver changed the fitting at the end of the digger arm and put on a vibrating post driver.  Here it is about to jiggle the post in;

It was cool.  Although I did miss the  bit where as the digger driver was clearing out the little creek he dug up a large eel that fell out onto the grass.  He jumped out with a towel to rescue it and return it to the creek.  I went hunting and found this once  treading water as he recovered.


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