The sheep yards at dawn

A summer's morning

Spring is green

Sea of fog

Hoar frost and fog below

Evening sunlight

Last day in May - beautiful morning

Condensation from the sun warming trees

Sunrise over the Lammerlaws

West Otago farmscape

West Otago farmscape

Old hills

Frosty morning



  1. Hey Jo,
    Je vais désormais pouvoir suivre toutes tes aventures et ton retour à Millers Flat. Ca va être sympa… Quels paysages époustouflants !!! J’adore !
    Grosses bises ainsi qu’à Pat et Marcelle

  2. I am so exited to see these scenes for myself!x

  3. Hi Jo,

    Have just returned to work after a successful right knee replacement, the left will be done on 14 July. I have had some laughs reading about your farm activites, sounds like you are really enjoying the challenge so keep it up.
    Nice to have had Gayle with you before she left for home.

  4. I love these pictures, Jo, they’re amazing!

  5. Beautiful pictures Jo, it’s a magic setting you’re living in.

  6. Amazing photos Joey! I love “Condensation from the Sun Warming Trees”. So beautiful!

  7. These are just AMAZING photo’s of what is easily one of the most ‘ataahua’ places I have ever seen in Aotearoa!

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